Washing Guide

Wash your LIBE lingerie with our Mesh Washing Bags, which come in every single order you place!

Owning high quality lingerie from LIBE comes with great responsibility.
You are responsible to treat your new favorite underwear with care!
Through washing your underwear with our step-to-step guide and our washing bags you will increase the longevity of your underwear, save money and will help the world to be a tiny bit more sustainable.
The first thing we want to mention is that the LIBE team encourages every new customer to live a more sustainable life to enable that the younger generation can have a care free life as well! Therefore, we suggest that you wash your underwear by hand as this method is not only better for your underwear but also uses far less water than using a washing machine.
But we also know that many of you have a busy schedule and might not have the time to wash your lingerie by hand so we have created this guide below:
  • Set the washing machine to the gentle cycle.  Use a mild detergent with a temperature of 30 degrees. Washing at 30 degrees is an eco-friendly way to save energy while treating your LIBE lingerie to a gentle cycle that leaves them spotless           
  • Place your LIBE lingerie in our Mesh Lingerie Bags. This will protect your lingerie by keeping them from twisting or snagging. Our washing bags are made out of fine mesh so hooks can’t get through.
  • Wash underwear separately. Wash in light loads, and never throw them in with heavy items, as these can cause your branded LIBE elastic to curl.
  • Don’t use the dryer. Air-dry to prevent damages to your lingerie and to save energy!