A Guide From Libe for Non Padded Bras

A Buyer’s Guide to Non Padded Bras

Non padded bras are considered some of the most comfortable bras and quite popular amongst Sri Lankan women! Non padded cup bras are lined with fabric without any moulded cups to provide a soft fit and gentle shaping. Lined non padded bras are an ideal solution for women looking for bras that will maintain the natural shape of the breast. Non padded bras are also perfect as training bras for young girls as they are comfortable and soft. This article will cover everything you need to know about non padded bras!

Lightly Lined vs. Non Padded Bras

Countless terminology for innerwear can be confusing and many loosely define lightly lined and non padded bras as the same. However, there is a slight but distinctive difference. Lightly padded bras hold a very thin cup (approx. 1/8 inch) with the purpose of minimizing nipple show-through. Non padded bras, on the other hand, have no padding and are made with stitched cup in either synthetic or cotton fabrics.

What is a Non Padded bra?

A non padded bra is a bra that has no moulded cup (thus making it the opposite of a padded bra). It is lined with the fabric of the bra. The ultra-light lining offers soft comfort to the wearer. The bra perfectly moulds to the shape of the bust. Depending on the material and thickness of the fabric, there might be some nipple show-through.

Non padded bras come with seamless and seamed cups for varying purposes. Seamless cups on the non padded bra are ideal for a smooth outer look. A ‘cut and sew’ construction or seamed cup version of a non padded bra  is great for natural shape and lift  and ideal for South Asian ethnic wear such as kurta tops and sarees.

Some non padded bras have a side sling (pictured below) and other special features that enhance the shape and contour of the bust. Saree bras have such features that cater to South Asian ethnic wear, all the while maintaining advanced features.

The Basics: What you need to know about non padded bras

Non padded bras are versatile and many women in varying breast sizes prefer them. For women with bigger busts, non padded bras are often the preferred choice as it does not provide further enhancing of the breast. Similarly, young girls who are starting to wear bras would prefer non padded training bras as it is soft and easy to wear without discomfort.

Non padded bras come with and without underwire. An underwire in a bra provides enhanced support. Underwires are sometimes preferred by women who have mid to large breast sizes (C cup onwards) as it provides extra lift and keeps the bra in place (against the breast root). However, seekers of comfort sometimes prefer non padded bras without underwire. Factors such as comfort and support are dependent from person to person as no breast is alike. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you seek the expertise of a fit consultant to find the ideal non padded bra.

Non padded bras come in varying fabrics. Cotton and other softer fabrics offer comfort and are best suited for girls starting to use training bras. Non padded bras in microfiber, lace and other such fabrics allow for playful and contemporary designs.

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Written by Amante